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Galleon ColdFusion Forums Issue: Unknown column 'u.messages' in 'order clause'

Name: Unknown column 'u.messages' in 'order clause'
ID: 55
Project: Galleon ColdFusion Forums
Type: Bug
Area: Administration
Severity: Normal
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Chuck Savage
Created: 03/17/11 2:20 PM
Updated: 03/17/11 6:21 PM
Description: Steps to reproduce:
1. Version 2.3.003 of Galleon
2. Login, goto Admin
3. Click Threads on side-bar
4. Click any thread by name

It throws at users.cfc on last line of this query in function getUsers...

<cfquery name="qGetUsers" datasource="#variables.dsn#">
select u.id, u.username, u.password, u.emailaddress, u.datecreated, count(#variables.tableprefix#messages.id) as postcount, u.confirmed
from #variables.tableprefix#users u
left join #variables.tableprefix#messages
on u.id = #variables.tableprefix#messages.useridfk
where 1=1
<cfif len(idfilter)>
and   u.id in (<cfqueryparam value="#idfilter#" cfsqltype="cf_sql_varchar" list="true">)
<cfif structKeyExists(arguments, "search") and len(arguments.search)>
and      u.username like <cfqueryparam value="%#arguments.search#%" cfsqltype="CF_SQL_VARCHAR" maxlength="35">

group by u.id, u.username,u.password, u.emailaddress, u.datecreated, u.confirmed
order by u.#arguments.sort#

Note: I'd give you the line number, but our user.cfc's don't match as I've modified mine somewhat to use my login user database, so users don't have to have separate accounts to login to my main site and the forums. I don't think it should be the reason why this is throwing an error here.
History: Created by chuck@searisen.com (Chuck Savage) : 03/17/11 2:20 PM

Comment by cfjedimaster (Raymond Camden) : 03/17/11 6:21 PM
What error is thrown?

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